A New Candle Scent

Do you absolutely love the smell of bars? If the answer is “yes”, then keep reading…also keep reading if you want to laugh too…

Miller Lite beer announced the release of a limited-edition candle line called, “Bar Smell”, featuring three scents every bar fly knows and loves: the dive bar, the game day bar, and the beer garden. The candles are available for pre-order now at shop.MillerLite.com, and will cost $20 a piece. All proceeds go towards the US Bartenders’ Guild Foundation. The Dive Bar scent features blended scents of tobacco mixed with a yeast and hints of musk and pine. Game Day Bar combines the aromas peanuts and jalapeno with the distinct scent of leather. Finally, the Beer Garden candle reportedly smells like “a warm summer afternoon” with a blend of green moss, sunscreen, wood, and warm pretzels.

This is the perfect gift for anyone who will lay on the floor and smell bar mats!

Miller Lite Made Candles That Smell Like Bars

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